A team is building block of company. This short code of PixFill theme allows you to add your team on the page. Unlimited team members can be added on page which shows in the form of list or slide. Image of the team member, name, description/ designation can be added.

[team-sec style=”team-v2″] [team name=“FAVE” job=”Creator” image=””] [content]Born and raised in Gary, Indiana – Fave always knew how to cook (i.e., quick meals, soul food, etc.). He experimented with cookbooks and online recipes while in college. Through his many travels and relocations, Fave continued to immerse himself in various cuisines and techniques from different cultures. Cooking became therapeutic as well as a passion that blended well with his love of photography, music and social media. Fave Cooks® is the product of that passion.[/content]