Doing the Butt

I’m a huge fan of barbecue — especially in the summer (Team KeepTheHouseCool). Thanks to living in the South, you can barbecue almost anytime. I consider myself a grill master, learned in all the etiquette, techniques and (most of all) safety associated with proper outdoor cooking. The barbecuing process ranges from quick and dirty (e.g., hambuger, hot dogs, wings, etc.) to the intricate. Doing the butt is all about the latter.

Starting with a 5-7 lb pork shoulder, I add my special pork rub blend and let it sit in a ziploc bag overnight. The next day, it’s on and popping. Be sure to check out the recipe for my own blend of seasoning as well as the long (but well worth it) steps to smoking the pork butt to perfection.

No need for a fancy grill, specialty charcoal or high end lighter fluid. It doesn't take all that for me. #favecooks #grillmaster #minimalist



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