Fish and Bake

Autumn 2001. I was sitting in my (then fiancé’s) kitchen in Calgary as her Trinidadian mother cooked Fish and Bake for breakfast. This was one of the turning points of my culinary exploration. I hadn’t ventured far from my traditional, African-American norms at this point. The only fish we ate for breakfast were salmon patties and this variation of saltfish, vegetables, bake (biscuits) and salsa was totally new to me. Apparently, it’s a common weekend breakfast meal and I was blessed to try it for the first time from a true, old-school Trini Queen.

The flakiness of the bread was only matched by the popping flavor of the fish. Fifteen years later, this is still my go-to breakfast meal when I really want to (and have the time) to enjoy my morning with a fresh cup of hot, French pressed coffee. My would-have-been MIL taught me how to make Fish and Bake that weekend and her verbal recipe is still fresh in my mind. It’s actually been a minutes since I got down. Hmmmmmm.

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