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Roscoe, Gladys and Fave

The first time I had Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles, I thought I was going to taste deep fried heaven on the fluffy waffle wings. The experience was unforgettable - largely due to the ambience and customer service. Fast forward to my first time at Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles. Despite having a much more "grown folks" look and feel, the food was off the hook as well. If I had to choose, I'd go with...making my own recipe that accommodates the originality of the former with ...

Discovering Pastélon

Overall, I fell in love with the sweet, tangy goodness of this meal and, those who sampled a taste, were well pleased.

Fancy Egg Handles

It's hard trying to live this low-carb lifestyle when all the most awesome breakfast foods are filled with carbs.

Fish and Bake

This was one of the turning points of my culinary exploration.